5 reasons men should use hair straighteners


Guys, ever sneaked a peak at your girlfriend’s ghd straighteners while she is out at the shops and thought shall I? Well, here’s 5 reasons why you should!

It will look a lot better

Despite their name, hair straighteners are not just for straightening hair. Modern stylers are great for creating texture and definition in a short haircut and picking out and straightening random sections will help to create a modern, indie look.

It’s what all the celebrities are doing

If you want a funky modern male hairstyle then you’re going to have to use straighteners. ghd straighteners (especially the latest gold ghd styler) are the not so secret weapon of all celebrity stylists and whether you’re going for a messy James MacAvoy look, or a sleeked back David Beckham style you can be sure that your style icon is using a set of hair straighteners to create his look.

All your mates are doing it

Well, maybe not all of them, but if you’ve noticed that Steve’s hair is suddenly looking that little bit cooler and is no longer pointing in about 10 different directions, then there’s a good chance that he’s sneaking a shot of his girlfriend’s straighteners when she is in the shower. Also noticed Steve is doing better with the ladies? Well…

Women will love you

Women love a well groomed man (trust me) and keeping your tresses in check is guaranteed* to improve your success rate with the ladies. No point having a well-rehearsed chat up line when your hair is sticking out all over the place!

It’s 2012

It’s 2012, not 1972! Looking after your appearance is a must for the modern man, so drag yourself into the 21st century and start using hair straighteners to spruce up your style today!

So guys, there’s 5 good reasons why you should start using hair straighteners. Go forth and style! And if you do end up looking like James McAvoy… send me a tweet!

* Not a guarantee :-p

  • I agree, another fantastic post!

    Sally = Legend!


    • Sally

      awww… thanks! x

  • Sai Bharadwaj

    I had to buy one after reading this post. My hair is all over the park..curly & never straight :|