5 Ways You Can Save Money At Your Hair Or Beauty Salon


Following on from my tips on clothes shopping in January, I thought I would put together some ideas on how to save money on hair and beauty salon treatments at the start of 2013.

Tip 1 – Ask About Deals On Quiet Days

If you are free during the week, or can take a half day this can be a great way to save money.

Most salons are busy at the weekends, but can struggle to fill their chairs and treatment rooms during the week. In the salon I managed we always found Wednesdays were the quietest days, however, we turned this on its head by offering a strong colour promotion on this day and it turned into one of our busiest!

Look for weekday promotions, or if your salon doesn’t do any specific offers then it doesn’t do any harm to ask if they can do you a deal. They’ll be keen to fill up that graveyard Wednesday morning shift – after all an empty chair or beauty bed is costing them money!

Tip 2 – Salon Training Days

Most bigger salons have days when they train their junior stylists, so if your colour is needing a refresh then you can save a packet by allowing a junior to apply it (under supervision). I wouldn’t recommend this for a big job (i.e full head highlights), but for an all over colour (full head tint) the chances are they will be able do just as good a job as your usual stylist and you will probably pay a quarter of the price.

Ask your salon if they are looking for models for training.

Tip 3 – Colour Blow Drys/Refreshes

Ask your salon if they offer ‘in between’ services such as colour blow drys. This might seem a bit of an odd one for saving money as obviously you will need to pay for this service, but if your colour is starting to look a bit faded then your natural instinct might be to go ¬†for a full service when a refresh at a quarter of the price might be all you need to extend it for another 4 weeks.

A good one for getting you through those horrible 5 week months… I’m looking at you January :-(

Tip 4 – Daily Deals Sites

These have been all the rage over the last few years and there are some excellent savings to be made. At this time of year the deals are particularly good as salons look to fill up the diaries at what is always a quiet time of year.

Check out groupon’s spa vouchers for lots of daily bargains on everything from Microdermabrasion and IPL to Shellac Manicures.

Tip 5 – Volunteer To Be A Model For A Photoshoot

Not one for the shrinking violets, but at this time of year many salons are putting together a new portfolio of styles and colours for the Spring/Summer. Volunteering to be a model will not only get you a free cut and colour, but quite possibly your photo in their window. Who knows it could be the start of your modelling career!

If you are feeling really brave, then volunteer to be a model for one of the big shows such as Wella Trend Vision, but be warned the styles can be pretty bold!

Oh, and if you get bitten by the modelling bug and are feeling flush again come Spring, you can relive the glamour with a makeover photo-shoot experience, which are becoming popular in City Cetre salons.

Bonus Tip – Grow Your Hair

Ok, my final tip is not really an in salon money saving one, but thought I would add it anyway! If you’ve been thinking of growing your hair long then this is as good a time as any to do it. In an ideal world you would plan this in advance by going for a low maintenance cut in November/December, which is styled to allow it to grow in and keep its shape during the winter months and into early Spring. Long hair and more money to spend on shoes… bliss :-)

So, that’s my top tips for saving money in your hair or beauty salon this January. Any other money saving tips you would like to share? I’d love to hear them, so please feel free to leave a comment below.

P.s. did you recognise who it was getting their hair done in the picture at the top? Hint, the hair colour and length has changed a bit since then ;-)