5 Weird & Wonderful Celebrity Beauty Secrets


We all know about botox, bum implants and boob jobs, but here’s 5 bizarre celebrity beauty secrets that you may not know and will probably wish you hadn’t read!

1. Fish Pedicures

Well, if you live in the South American rain forests you could probably find some piranhas to do this for free, but if you are a hollywood A lister then a trip to the local fish pedicure salon may well be a regular part of your beauty regime.

Fish pedicures have been popular for the last couple of years and are an oddly relaxing way to spend 30 minutes. Just dip your feet into a tank and sit back with a magazine as the little fish nibble away all that dead skin.

2. Bird Poo Facial

Now this one really is disgusting! Bird poo facials (also called Geisha facials) are all the rage in tinsel town with celebrities including Victoria and David Beckham and Tom Cruise allegedly swearing by them.

The ingredients for the facial include Nightingale Excrement, rice bran and water and apparently leave your skin feeling smooth and shiny. All well and good, but what about the smell!

3. Snake Venom Injections

Ok, I know Botox is techically a posion, but this is a bit extreme! Celebs including Gwyneth Paltro and Katie Holmes are supposedly spending their hard earned (hmmm…) cash on injections of snake venom.

Supposedly the snake venon (called Syn-ake) is the latest, greatest thing in anti-ageing and will smooth out wrinkles and relax facial muscles.

I am assuming the snake venom has been exctracted from the snake prior to administration…

4. Earthworm Poo Wrinkle Cream

Another anti-ageing cream and another bizarre use of animal waste, this time the wonderfully appealing droppings of earthworms.

Apparently there are many celebs now using this cream for its fantastic anti-ageing properties. Rather them than me!

5. Vajazzling

Another Hollywood beauty treatment that has now become popular in beauty salons worldwide, vajazzling is the process of glamming up your intimate area with Swarovski crystals. Are you ready for your close up?

Celebrities who have supposedly been vajazzled include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nicole Scherzinger and Maria Fowler.

So, that’s my top 5 weird and wonderful celebrity beauty secrets. What’s your favourite? Would you be brave enough to go for a bird poo facial? Any more bizarre Hollywood beauty tips you would like to share?

  • Sally

    hmmm… sterile or not I still don’t know if I could go through with it. Did you see the Jamie Oliver programme the other night where they dragged a steak across a toilet, wiped it over the urinal and then nuked it to sterilize it before the guy took a bite. Was nearly sick watching it!