Bye Bye Blonde, Hello Red!


Well, I had been blonde for about a year and a half, but this week I decided it was time for a change! My hair is naturally light brown and all the bleaching was beginning to take its toll, so after consultation with my stylist (the genius Elaine!) we thought it best to start going darker again.

I’ve been red before, but more of a vibrant, deep red and I liked the look of this copper red in the shade chart. The only problem with reds is they require a lot of maintenance and tend to fade quicker than other colours, so it’s worth investing in a colour rinse product, such as Wella Perfecton, which will help to prolong the life.

Was a bit weird for the first couple of days as I’ve been so used to seeing my blonde hair, but the condition of it was really starting to suffer and I was getting fed up with my roots showing a couple of weeks after getting it coloured. I also got it cut a bit shorter again, but it’s now in a shape that I’ll be able to let grow as I’d like to get back to shoulder length hair in time.

So, bye bye blonde and hello red!

  • Sally

    Thanks :-)

    Haven’t seen that before, but I just google imaged her and I can see what you mean!


    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, have loads of fun!


    • Sally

      Thanks Tracy! You too xx