Domestic Goddess: Why John Lewis Is The Third Man In My Life


It’s often been said to me that there are 3 men in my life; my son, my boyfriend and John Lewis. It’s probably a fair comment, there’s not a week goes by when I’m not browsing around the huge department store of wonders in Glasgow’s Buchanan galleries – either gazing longingly at things I can’t afford, or putting them on my John Lewis credit card (yes I even have a John Lewis credit card).

Here’s the items from their Home and Garden department that are topping my wish list right now…

Sometimes when I’m writing, it’s easy to be distracted by TVs, Radios… fridges(!). I don’t have the luxury of a study (or home office) and it would be great to have somewhere where I could lock myself away for a couple of hours and have total peace and quiet to concentrate.

With this in mind I can’t help but drool over this Deluxe Summer House Sphere – basically a big free standing conservatory thingy. It might look like something from Doctor Who on the outside, but on the inside it’s total luxury and looks like the ideal environment for writing. Only 2 problems…

1) I don’t have a spare £17,000
2) I don’t have a garden

But a girl can dream!

My 30th birthday is fast approaching (26 days and counting) and I’ve been dropping hints to my dad for the past 6 months about a Mulberry bag. In reality though, being a practical man, I’ll be looking at a new sofa – those are the hints he’s been dropping to me. Not that I’ll be complaining if it’s anything like this corner unit. I often fall asleep on the couch and this would be ideal for stretching my legs out, closing my eyes and drifting off for an afternoon nap.

I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a domestic goddess (check out the pic of the cupcakes I made yesterday at the bottom of this post!) and have had my eye on this KitchenAid for some time. Cakes, bread and buns would all be a doddle, plus it looks mega cool. Not sure what my favourite colour is, I’m torn between the Ice Blue and Raspberry Ice. Oh, actually, the Frosted Pearl is nice too…

I’m desperately in need of a new dinner set – my current ikea bog standard white dishes are chipped, cracked and worst of all boring. I love the designs of the PIP Studio tablewear range (also like their wallpaper) and they are pretty reasonably priced (£13.95 for a plate, £8.50 for a side plate) for designer tablewear.

So, that’s my current faves from John Lewis’ Home and Garden Department. And here’s that picture of my cup cakes I promised you!