Guys, Find The Time To Accessorise Your Look!


Accessorising is an important part of perfecting any look and for us girls that means choosing the right bag, the right earrings etc, but how can the fashion conscious man accessorise his sharp new suit?

Well, since watches have been around since the 1920s (thanks wikipedia) that seems like a good place to start! A watch is a great way for a man to add a bit of bling to his look and not lose any man points. Earrings on men are a big no no for me by the way!

So, what sort of watch should the modern man go for? Well, if you want to maintain your James Bond cool then it’s time to chuck out that casio that you’ve had since you were a school boy. I don’t care if it has a built in calculator, remote control and infra red light, it’s got to go!

Celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Tiger Woods may endorse Tag Heur, but unless you have a spare £1,000 (minimum) then you’ll be looking for something a little more affordable. Fortunately you don’t have to break the bank to get a pretty suave looking watch these days and to help you I’ve picked out some of my favourites below.

This stainless steel watch with black face is available online for under £135 and doesn’t look a million miles away from some of the Tag watches in the £1,500 – £1750 range. Would look great with a formal suit.

For more bling, add some gold like this watch with a brushed stainless steel finish in silver and rose gold. It’s water resistant to 100 metres, but sorry… no calculator!

For casual wear, you might want to go with a leather strap and this brown watch with gold case looks the part and is available for under £120.

Finally, I couldn’t leave us ladies out and this watch from Littlewoods in silver with diamantes caught my eye and appealed to my inner magpie.

So, guys, stop checking the time on your iphone and strap on a wrist watch for some old school sophistication. Hopefully you like my picks, but there’s loads to choose from and some fab deals to be had online.

But, what time is it now? Time for a glass of wine I think….