Faking it: Hair extensions, nail extensions and false eyelashes


While I love the natural look, when you really want to glam it up, there’s nothing like a bit of fakery to enhance your natural assets.

Hair extensions

Believe it or not, until a year ago I had long dark hair, but working in a hairdressers, I was always jealous of the funky short styles going out the door, so thought I would go for the chop. Then a month later I went blonde!

I do like my hair short, but occassionally when I am going on a night out and I want to look extra glamorous I will clip in my set of hair extensions from SKR Hair. I’ve got the ash blonde ones, which are great value at £84.99. I’ve had them for around 6 months now and in that time I’ve had them coloured and also cut into shape and they still look great, although I probably only wear them maybe 3/4 times a month. They are human hair and shouldn’t be confused with the cheaper, synthetic extensions.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, you can go for bonded hair extensions, which will last you around 6 months and are bonded into your hair. These are pretty expensive though, normally starting at a minimum of £500.

Tip – use a mild moisturising shampoo once a month to gently cleanse your hair extensions and they will be easier to style, shiner and healthier looking

Nail Extensions

Some girls are blessed with naturally strong nails, but if you’re a nail biter like me, you’ll need to add a bit of fakery. Gel, or acrylic nail extensions will get you those sexy long nails we all desire and will normally cost between £30 and £40.

If you are happy with the length of your nails, then go for a shellac manicure in your favourite colour (around £25) which will last around 4 weeks and won’t chip.

False eyelashes

For maximum glam factor, finish your look with a set of false eyelashes. A good quality set of party lashes will cost you around £5 and will last the weekend, or if you’re feeling flush then go for a set of semi permanent eyelash extensions, (normally around £50/£60) which will last around 4-6 weeks.

Tips for wearing false eyelashes

Leave your lashes till last – make sure you have applied the rest of your makeup before putting on your false lashes. The only thing you should add after is a little mascara and eye liner.

Wear mascara – applying a thick layer of mascara to your real lashes will make the false lashes blend better with your real lashes and will also help them stay on.

Use eyeliner – a thick line of eyeliner will help to hide the base of the false lashes.

Apply more mascara and eyeliner – once you have your false lashes in place, apply more eyeliner and a light layer of mascara to help them blend in with your real lashes.

You’ll find a great selection of false lashes here.