High Street Fashion Inspired by the Hottest Male Celebs


OK guys, so the economy is in a bit of a state at the moment and everyone’s wallets are feeling the strain, but that is no excuse for having poor style! High Street brands provide the perfect alternative to designer gear, and there are a few simple trends you can follow to stay in style this Autumn.

From the One Direction boys to Joe Jonas, there are so many male celebs on trend this season, and the good news is with some clever shopping you can get the same look for a fraction of the price!  Here’s 3 fashion ideas you can steal from the biggest male stars.


Have you been asked to wear something ‘smart casual’ but are unsure what to go for? Well, chinos are the perfect choice!  These versatile garments are both comfortable and fitting for any occasion; whether you’re attending your niece’s christening or just chilling with your mates, chinos are the trousers to go for. What’s even better is they’re bang on trend! It’s more of a question of who ISN’T wearing them than who is. The most obvious example is the hottest boy band around One Direction who, as you can see by most of their public appearances, love their chinos! And what’s not to love? Even Prince Charles was photographed recently donning a pair. If royalty is wearing chinos then why can’t you? If you’re interested, check out high street stores like Matalan as they provide a lovely selection of chinos for a very good price.

Military Jackets

Following on from the chinos quite nicely are military jackets which are big for autumn/ winter 2012. If you’re considering purchasing a new coat for the approaching winter months then this one would be a wise one to choose. Famous for their vintage look, military jackets are a timeless piece which work wonderfully with any outfit, something which our celebs would have to agree with. Stars such as Joe Jonas and Jay Z have been caught wearing this little number, so why don’t you? Just by walking down the high street you’ll see how popular these jackets are at the moment; why not give them a try?


That’s right boys; suits are in this season, so get buying! If there’s ever an occasion for you to wear one then make the most of it. The high street is loving them at the moment, so now’s the perfect time to buy a great suit without breaking the bank balance. You could become your town’s very own James Bond; all you need to do is find that must have suit which leaves the ladies falling at your feet. A celebrity who is always looks great in a suit is David Beckham, who was voted 2012’s ‘Sexiest Man in a Suit;’ why not try to give him a run for his money?

  • Great post, we do forget about men’s clothes.