How To Create a Messy Side Part


While I love glamming it up and spending time on my hair, sometimes time is a luxury you just don’t have. On those days, going for the ‘bed head’ look is a quick and easy way to speed up dressing your tresses and still look stylish. Here’s how to create sexy, messy bed head hair with a modern side parting, which is set to be a hot trend for Spring 2013.

Step 1 – after shampooing your hair blow dry it straight using your dryer and a roll brush. You shouldn’t use straighteners to do this as you want to retain the texture in your hair and don’t want it to be too sleek.

Step 2 – once hair is dry and straight, spray in some volumising spray, such as Redken Body Full Amplifier. Tease the spray into your hair with your fingers and for maximum volume lift your roots a little extra.

Step 3 – create your side parting. I always part left to right (or right to left in the mirror if that makes sense!), but you can put the parting on whichever side you prefer.

Step 4 – take the section of the front of your hair that will be covering your face and roll it into pin curls. You’ll need to use duckbill clips (the long slidey ones) to hold the curls in place properly. If you don’t have any you can get them on amazon for £3.52 for a pack of 4.

Step 5 – on the opposite side from the pin curled section you have just created, create a couple more pin curled sections at the bottom of your hair. i.e. if your fringe section sweeps to the left, pin curl sections at the bottom of your hair on the right. Don’t go overboard, just 2/3 sections max.

Step 6 – take out all the clips and lightly brush your hair to finish the style. Spray in a little hairspray (I like Redken Quick Dry, because it, eh… dries quickly!), just to keep everything in place.

And that’s it! A fab look, that’s quick and easy to create in a few simple steps. What do you think, do you like the bed head look?