How to host a clothes swap


With everyone feeling the pinch why not invite your friends round for a bottle of wine and a clothes swap? Hosting a clothes swap is surprisingly straight-forward and will mean everyone gets a new wardrobe for free. All you have to do to achieve swapping success is follow the steps below!

STEP ONE: Everyone invited needs to drop of the clothes they want to swap the week before.

The clothes are then sorted into discount fashion (Primark, George etc), High Street Fashion (Top Shop, New Look etc) and High End Fashion (any designer items go in here).

STEP TWO: Decide on your values.

You need to give each category of clothing a points range so for example items in discount fashion may be worth between 1 point to 50 points whilst designer wear items might be worth between 150 points to 200. The idea here is that fashion gets traded at a set number of points so someone who brings a designer piece with them will get a lot more high street fashion in return for their offering.

STEP THREE: Ensure there are a range of sizes.

There’s nothing worse than someone super-skinny or super-curvy being left in the corner because nothing fits. We’ve all got clothes that we’ve either eaten or slimmed our way out of so encourage your friends to bring everything that doesn’t fit them anymore so everyone can join in the fun.

STEP FOUR: Set up some mirrors.

This is going to be a night of trying on clothes, mixing and matching items and really having fun with style so make sure you’ve got plenty of mirrors at the ready. If you’re a bit short ask the guests to bring some with them. It shouldn’t just be down to the host, everyone should pitch in!

STEP FIVE: Buy in a bottle of wine, make sure you have your camera and ask everyone else to do the same.

You can create slide shows of the crazy fashions you put together for future amusement and also keep a record of the looks that work for you. Just be careful about what swaps you decide on after a glass of wine or two. If past experience is anything to go by copious wine drinking can impair judgement!

So, that’s how to host a clothes swap… why not give it a go?

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