How To Match Your Handbag To Your Outfit


We all have a favourite handbag that quickly becomes our all purpose, take everywhere, goes with everthing bag. I’m particularly guilty of this and my current favourite is my Vivienne Westwood winter tartan bag (right) – it would be handbags at dawn if anyone tried to take it off me at the moment!

Your handbag is an accessory though and ideally you will have a couple of different bags to compliment different outfits. Here’s some quick tips on which bag to choose for wearing with which outfit, or conversely which outfit to choose so you can go out with your favourite bag!


If you want to go out with a brightly coloured bag, then try and either pick colours for your outfit that compliment your bag, or go for neutral colours. Neutral colours are the safest option as they will pretty much go with anything (as the name suggests!).

If you are wearing bright colours in your outfit, you might think about going for a more toned down bag, i.e. a basic brown or black.

Patterned Bags

I’m a big fan of bold, patterned bags, but again, make sure if you are going out with a patterned bag your outfit is toned down, otherwise all those clashing patterns will give people a headache!

You should also try and match one or two of the colours from the pattern to your top or trousers, which will help everything blend nicely.

Bag Size

Think about the size of your bag relative to your outfit; a large bag is great for during the day for example, but when you are dressing up for a formal occasion you will probably want to go with a smaller clutch or chain bag.

Overall, just apply common sense and think of your bag as an accessory just like any other.

The good news is that this means that a girl can never have too many handbags, so you can spend more time bag shopping, which according to this article gives us more pleasure than buying any other item. Yep, sounds right to me!

Do you have any more tips for matching your bag to your outfit that you would like to share?