How To Shop Alone


I’ve got a great guest post for you today from Emma, who gives us her advice on how to shop alone. Don’t forget to check out Emma’s blog by following the link at the bottom of the article.


We all know shopping is a social activity. It’s not just about buying new things (at least not for ladies) but it’s about the whole experience. Browsing, looking for inspiration, and spending time with our friends, family or partner, sharing gossip and perhaps most importantly, advice. But can we really trust our friends? Is shopping with friends bonding, or does it actually create rifts? And will you leave with things you actually need?

I say this because I rarely shop with friends anymore. It used to be the default social activity but now I prefer to shop alone. When you shop alone you have free reign to go where ever you want to go, avoid the places you don’t and grab a coffee when you’re flagging. You don’t have to justify your purchases to anyone apart from yourself and you won’t be peer pressured into buying something you don’t need. For some people though the idea of shopping alone may fill them with dread and panic. If this is you then here are my top tips for shopping successfully alone.

1. Have a plan. Make a list of what you need and go to the most appropriate shopping centre.
2. Don’t shop when you’re tired or rushed. After work may be convenient, but if you really want a good day’s shopping take a day off.
3. Wear comfy shoes, clothes that are easy to take off and not too much makeup (you might get it on the clothes).
4. Take water!
5. At least mentally, remind yourself of what suits you and what doesn’t. For example, I know however much I like something I won’t feel comfortable in itchy wool, strapless dresses or halternecks.
6. Try on many things. Be brave, imagine someone is with you and is suggesting you try something new. Go crazy, no one is there to judge.
7. Make the most of the sales assistants, especially in more expensive stores. If you pick something out and ask for their advice they may not be 100% truthful to avoid offence, but if you tell them what you are looking for and let them pick out some pieces they usually have a pretty good eye for what suits people.
8. If you love something, think about where you will wear it and what you have at home that you can wear it with. If you can’t answer these questions, don’t buy it.
9. Keep receipts safe and check returns policies.
10. Try things on at home again in a few days’ time, perhaps get the opinion of a friend or family member and then make the final decision, keep or return?

Emma writes for Follow the blog for fashion news, trends and more style advice.

  • Hiya,

    I too much prefer to shop alone, i find it a lot less stressful and if i need another option i either send a pic-mess or buy and take back if i don’t like it.

    Great post.