Lana Del Rey for H&M: I want to be her


I absolutely adore the new Lana Del Rey campaign for H&M. Not only does she look amazing in the video, it’s such a great choice of song and she sings it so well. Haunting melody and incredible visuals. Love the retro microphone. Love everything about it to be honest.

I must say H&M have got it spot on with this ad, I want to buy everything she is wearing. How can she make a £19.99 pink angora blend jumper look so sexy? £50 for her full outfit including the trousers at £29.99, I mean you can’t really go wrong can you, even I can justify this purchase.

I want to be her. I want her clothes. I want her voice. I want her hair. Why can’t I be her?

Jumper is here
Trousers are here
Dress is here
Full collection is here
Video is here

Just buy them. If it means more ads like this it’s worth every penny.

Check out this behind the scenes video too.