5 Romantic Makeup Tips for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It is the time of the month when couples get sweeter than ever and usually go on dates. On the other hand, single men and women head to parties and mingle. To celebrate the special day of romance, it is best to have that romantic makeup look. It is easy to achieve that by focusing on these elements: pink and brown hues, and glow. Here are romantic makeup tips for Valentine’s Day:

1. Give your face a natural-looking glow.

The goal of this romantic look is to have that glowing finish to wow your date. That’s why the base of beautiful pink and brown hues should be light foundation. After moisturizing, apply light liquid foundation with a blending sponge. After putting foundation on key areas, blend it with a brush. In my case, since I have pale complexion, I want a light foundation that would not look darker than my skin. The Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Light Porcelain has a smooth and natural finish that’s perfect for my fair skin.

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After applying foundation, it is known to use concealer next. No matter how many arguments have been said about what should be applied first, I think foundation must be the first step. Why? Some foundation brands can already conceal flaws. If that’s the case, you only need a little concealer after to completely hide imperfections. Isn’t that nice to save money? Anyway, concealers are great for dark circles under the eyes. I prefer using salmon-coloured concealers like Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream to make your skin around the eyes more natural-looking. Again, don’t forget to blend with a brush.

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Lastly, to make two layers of foundation and concealer perfectly blend together, you need to set it with mineral powder. My favorite right now is JML Light/Medium Self-Correcting Mineral Powder. It already has a free brush included. But, I bought a kabuki brush for bigger coverage.

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2. Redefine eyebrows in a dramatic yet more natural form.

When I say dramatic eyebrows, I don’t mean the trend today of thick, supermodel-like brows. The aim of the overall look I want to share with you is glowing feminine beauty. So, I just want darkened eyebrows using darker brown hues. Just follow the form of your brows to make them look natural, not drawn. If I need to choose between eyebrow pencils or powders, I choose the latter because it blends naturally. If I can’t decide how dark my eyebrows have to be, I really love using W7 Brow Bar Eyebrow Kit. The kit has four colours to choose from. It is so convenient to use.

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3. Enhance your eyes with delicate pink and brown colours.

Now, this part of my romantic makeup tips for Valentine’s Day is the most essential one. It’s natural to look at your date in the eyes during your romantic escapade. So, you need to emphasize how warm and lovely your eyes are. I mentioned several times already that I want to use pink and brown hues for a romantic look. Putting eye makeup is the perfect time to take romantic look to a whole new level. I love using LaRoc 15 Colours Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Kit. The set mainly has feminine and earthy colours which makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day makeup.

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First, pick the lightest pink eyeshadow for base. The colour almost looks white. Apply it below the eyebrows and all over the eyelids. Next, use a soft pink colour one shade darker than the base. Blend it on the crease of the eyes.

Now, blend the second darkest brown colour on the inner and outer corner of the eyes. Brown helps putting depth and warmth to the pink hue. Then, blend the colours for a smooth finish. But, don’t overblend them to preserve the light colours. We don’t want to overpower the light with dark colours.

For finishing touches, add white eyeshadow to serve as highlights at the inner corner of the eyes. Specifically, apply it near the tear ducts. Highlights must also be applied at the center of the eyelids and on the brow bones. They make eyes appear fresh. They also look even better when the darkest brown eyeshadow colour is applied along the eyelash lines. The contrast between highlights and dark eyelash lines makes your eye makeup more gorgeous than ever.

Then, make your eyelash lines darker with a dark brown eyeliner. Finally, curl your lashes and apply mascara.

4. Highlight your Cupid’s bow.

Before putting on lipstick, I suggest putting highlights or white eyeshadow right above the lips. Just a thin line will do. Also, make sure to apply the highlights lightly and follow the shape of the upper lip. Then, blend it well to avoid having a white mustache. This technique actually gives an illusion that your lips look more sensual and pouty.

After that special technique, simply apply pink lipstick. The colour must not overpower the whole look. The lipstick must also have a slight shimmer like Estee Lauder Candy Shimmer to contribute to the overall glowing look.

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5. Use the magic of lavender concealer during finishing touches.

I’m giving you a little secret for a great finishing touch for a romantic look: lavender concealer. Putting normal highlights on your face is okay. But, lavender takes your look up a notch. It looks perfect with the pink hues. In the lightest manner, apply the lavender concealer on the nose bridge and upper part of the cheeks to redefine your face. Then, blend it well. A good product for this is W7 Cosmetics Go Corrective Lavender Concealer.

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You’re almost there! Lastly, apply soft pink blush just below the highlighted part of the cheeks. For a more natural glow, you can also lightly apply the blush on the jawline, forehead and nose using a kabuki brush. The prettiest soft pink I’m looking for in a blush is Maybelline Studio Master Cosmopolitan Face Blush.

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As you can see, my romantic makeup tips for Valentine’s Day aim emphasis on the eyes and facial glow. This special day not only celebrates love. It also makes you keep in touch with your confidence and feminine side, not caring if you get giggly and all with your significant other or date. Make them fall in love even more with your lovely, glowing look and personality. Enjoy your date!