Mobile Bling: Turn Your iPhone Into A Fashion Accessory


It’s an accessory you carry with you everywhere, every day. Just the thought of leaving the house without it will send you into a cold sweat. What am I talking about? Your phone of course!

I’m an iPhone girl, have been since the launch of the iPhone 3 (I currently have the 4s, my 3rd upgrade). I’ve got a white one, but blinging up your iPhone is big business these days and there are loads of fab cases out there which can turn your plain old iPhone into a fashion accessory!

Here’s some of my favourite iPhone case from around the web.

This is my current case and if you were born in the 80s like me you’ll love it! Step back in time with this Black Silicone cassette case for the iPhone. I’m glad to say the pricing seems like the 1980s too with the case currently available for £2.90. They also have it in pink :-)

And talking of pink, if you are looking to add a bit of bling to your phone how about this pink gold diamond bling iPhone case. Subtlety is not the watchword here, but it will certainly put a feminine stamp on your phone!

If you’ve got an iPhone 5 and are running out of space in your handbag, then why not combine your purse and phone into one with this hot pink leather wallet case, available for only £5.90. If only it came with the credit cards and £20 note inside!

This has got to be one of the coolest cases I have seen yet! Turn your phone into an ultra retro VW minibus with this case, available on Etsy for £10.63.

Turn your iPhone into a perfume bottle with this beautiful case CaseAlice.

Finally, if you’re a Beatles fanatic like me, then you’ll love this Beatles Lyrics iPhone case. All you need is love… and credit ;-)

So, there’s just a few ideas for blinging up your iPhone and turning it into a fashion accessory, but there are literally thousands of choices of case out there. Check out the choices here for starters and you’ll be ready to text, call and browse in style!