Plump It Up: Top Tips For Fuller Lips


When it comes to lips there have been some serious make-up mistakes made over the years. Everything from going over the natural lip-line to wearing bright red lipstick when your face is covered in spots, and all in a vain effort to make your lips look fuller. To avoid these and a multitude of other lip sins I strongly recommend you read the tips below that are specifically designed to help you perfect and plump up your pout!

Tip 1: Exfoliate your lips with an old tooth brush. This gets rid of any dead skin and will stimulate cells making them more receptive to colour and lip-plumping products.

Tip 2: For stand out lips line them with a lightweight concealer. This will keep the skin around your lips looking flawless creating greater contrast between your skin and your lip colour and because you’re using a lightweight concealer it won’t clog your pores.

Tip 3: Match your lip liner to your lip colour. The idea of a lip liner is to stop your lip colour from bleeding throughout the day and to add greater definition to your lips. Visible lines look all wrong so make sure you’ve matched your liner with your lipstick exactly.

Tip 4: Once you have applied your chosen lip colour, apply a touch of gloss to the centre of your lower lip. This gives your lips the full 3D effect and an irresistible sheen to boot.

Tip 5: Boost your handiwork with a professional lip-plumping product. This easy-to-apply gloss gets to work in seconds, instantly improving the colour and shape of your lips.

So that’s my top 5 tips for beautiful plump lips! Any more tips you would like to share?