Summer Style: Fashionable Flip Flops


I don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like Summer might finally be here! Here in Glasgow at least we’ve actually had 5 decent days in a row, which is probably some kind of record.

Reports of people fleeing in terror from the unknown huge yellow ball of fire in the sky may or not be exaggerated…

With the change in the weather, my mind wandered onto thoughts of beaches, cocktails and Summer wear, so I thought I would put some posts together featuring holiday clothing, starting with those summer essentials – flip flops!

First some trivia… Did you know that flip flops have been around since 4,000 BC, originating in ancient Egypt? Now that’s proper retro! Check out the pair below, dating back to between 1550 and 1307BC!

Not sure how great they would smell after 3,000 years, so here’s some more modern styles from around the web!

Regular visitors to top5beauty will know that I am a huge Vivienne Westwood fan, so I had to start with these embellished heart flip flops, which were designed by the great lady herself in collaboration with footwear designer Melissa. Bonus points for the range being eco friendly! £75.00 at ASOS.

These Guava Leather Flip Flops are available from ASOS for £12.99. With a metallic silver finish, they are dressy enough for heading straight to the cocktail bar!

These pink leather T-Bar Sandals are super feminine and another style which could be worn for heading out in the evening. Also available in silver. Boden £47.20

Also from Boden, these strappy sandals with yellow bows are mega cute, although perhaps a tad pricey at £49.00

Another dressy pair, these black flip flops were designed by Ted Baker and are available for £35 from ASOS.

For a more classic design, Havaianas are very popular flip flops, which have been around since 1962 and were originally inspired by Japanese Zori sandals. They have a distinctive textured rice pattern on the sole, which is extra thick for comfort. Both pairs above are available for £19.95, with the pink ones here and the floral patterned design here.

So, there’s some ideas for flip flopping around the beach this Summer. I’ll leave you with a joke I heard on Ken Bruce’s Radio 2 show yesterday morning…

‘I always look forward to Summer, it’s my favourite day of the year!’