The Beauty of Nude Makeup


Why nude makeup?

We often hear from makeup artists or those video tutorials online that it is best to wear nude makeup for a more natural look. But what does that really mean? And when should you wear nude makeup? In this article, we will look at the wonderful effects nude makeup or nude pallette has in different occasions and how best to apply it. If by any chance, you are going to be performing for a big audience and would like to do a make-up for that, you can check our other guide on The Basics of Stage Makeup.

Nude Palette
Nude Palette

What is a nude pallette

You may be wondering what nude really means in this sense. As the word suggests, it is going for a bare look, as natural as possible. Is this the same as earth tones? Not exactly but the shades and concept are pretty similar, and you can consider earth colors part of a nude pallette. This mainly involves browns and creams, pinkish blushes that are not so bright, lip shades that are not shocking nor bright… Basically, very relaxed colors and laid back. These are often cool, like light blue and pastels.

Would nude makeup make me look pale?

If you’re worried about looking lifeless or pale wearing nude makeup, try it on a sunny day and see for yourself, in front of the mirror. On the contrary, nude makeup actually makes you look very fresh. It’s the type of look that makes it seem like you just got out of bed but you woke up with everything going great in your life. Your eyes are bright and perky and the color of your skin is glowing. It’s just that, people can’t easily tell if you are wearing makeup or if it’s a natural glow. That is the effect that nude makeup, if done properly, has.

When do you wear nude makeup?

It is best to wear nude makeup on your regular working days. It will make you look presentable but on like you’re going to a party or out to make some under the table money. Nude makeup is great for your weekly shopping days, meeting friends in the afternoon, or even a promising first date. You don’t always have to look all glamy on your first romantic date. If anything, you should act and look more natural to invite a friendlier conversation and get to know each other more comfortably. But that is another topic for another day.

Nude makeup is also advised if you are going on important interview, job interviews, or even auditions for performers. Wearing heavy makeup during an interview or a formal business meeting could make you look too forward or inappropriate and may not elicit a nice interaction.

Tips on Applying Nude Makeup

So how do you best put on your most natural and fresh nude makeup? Here are a few simple tips that you may want to keep on your sleeves.

Use light eyebrow pencil – As a rule in makeup, you basically don’t highlight too many parts of your face at once. They say that if you use bright red lipstick, the rest should be light. Or if you put well-defined and dark brown, your eyeshadow should be light and otherwise. Meaning, if you put full eye makeup, your brows should be light. But if you’re going for a natural look, you must always keep the eyebrows lights. As much as possible, do not use black pencil, especially if you have lighter skin. Use light brown and try to fade it out – darker shades toward the tip. We will have another article for doing the right eyebrow angles.

nude-makeup-look-pinterestUse shimmery glosses – just because it’s nude, doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous. Light shimmery lip glosses can help freshen up your look a little more, without making you look like you’re about to party. This could brighten up your face.

Minerals – Instead of mixing the nude pallette, if you are pressed with time, using mineral eye shadows and blushes would do the trick. It is also a bit glittery but it looks very fresh and natural. Just splash some on your eyelids and cheeks, but make sure to contour the face. It is fast, convenient, and effective!


Of course, if you’re going to a formal evening event, nude makeup would not be appropriate. It is best to stick with darker hues. Or if you are attending a ball or a night party. Nude Makeup is wonderful to make you look young, fresh, and energetic so it is perfect for work, sales meetings and just about any regular day that you want to perk up. During the summer, make sure you apply a protective sun block powder or foundation underneath.