The Foundation of Beautiful Makeup: How to Apply Foundation Properly to Achieve Your Desired Look


Do you really need to apply foundation?

Foundation helps smoothen your skin – which helps you apply makeup more effectively on your face. It is usually the first thing you apply, that’s why it is called a foundation. Do you really need to? Who needs foundation and when do you need it? Going back to the first statement, if you’re going to do a full makeup, then yes! Definitely. You need foundation for the rest of the makeup to properly settle on your face. It also helps for easier blending, so that you can play along with colors and shades or a mix of texture – meaning: powder, cream, shimmery, matte, and a lot more. We will discuss those in a different topic. If you don’t apply foundation and use different types of textures and colors, it will be very difficult to even them out and blend them. Your face might look like a coloring book.

On the other hand, if you’re just going to the local grocery and just want to appear decent and less horrid, any compact or loose powder will do. But if you want to contour your face, apply eyeshadow, and blushes that will last, then you must apply foundation.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Foundation
Here are some things you might want to give some thought to before buying a foundation.

Skin type – this is almost always the most important factor in choosing which makeup to use. If you have only skin, it is better to stick to the powder type foundation or at least, one that transforms to powder finish.

Coverage – Check how easily it sticks to your skin so that it can cover all areas. Most branded foundation would say full coverage but it is better to test some on your hand to see how smoothly it applies to your skin.

Long lasting – If you need to be wearing makeup all day, it is best to use a foundation that us long lasting – or at least up to twelve hours so you don’t have to keep retouching. It is easy to retouch blush and lipstick but foundation must not smudge easily.

Types of Foundation
There are different types of foundation. Some are liquid and some are powder or the most common one – the cake, which we will discuss in a bit. And as if it’s not yet confusing enough, they all require different applicators – meaning the brush or sponge you use them with. Below are the most popular and basic types of foundation.

Liquid foundation – this often comes in a tube or a spray bottle. It is also very simple to use. Sometimes, you can just apply some on the tip of your fingers, dab small amounts on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, and of course, some on your neck. Spread it around evenly until all is covered. However, if you want to apply some detailed makeup after, it is better to use an applicator. There are special types of sponges for liquid foundation – usually white, with angled tips to blend it in properly. This is recommended for those with dry skin because it adds moisture to the face.

Foundation-Make-UpCake foundation and two-way cake – the most commonly used foundation through the ages is the cake foundation. As the name suggests, it’s like a solid cake but you have to use a wet sponge to apply it on your face. We will discuss special sponges on the next topics. Usually, a round sponge will do. But today, we have better options available. The egg sponge, which is an egg-shaped tool that looks almost like a bath sponge is very efficient for cake foundation. It easily takes the foundation and efficiently spreads it on your face. This way, you don’t waste any makeup unlike the regular sponges. A two-way cake is simply a cake foundation which you can also use with a dry sponge.

Powder foundation – As opposed to the cake, powder foundation can be applied with a regular dry sponge. It’s almost like a compact powder but it is thicker, lasts longer, and appears smoother. This is great for everyday makeup at the office perhaps, or when you’re just out for a stroll in the park or malls. This is not recommended for applying full makeup and evening makeup.


Mineral foundation – similar to liquid foundation but uses minerals so that it is gentler on your skin and looks more natural.

Of course, there are other types of foundation especially today – As introduced by different cosmetic companies, brands, and countries. But they most likely will fall under the above categories or combined. The BB cream is also used as base makeup or foundation. Just make sure to apply it evenly when doing a full makeup with it as base.