Things Are Getting Hairy! Hair Removal in 2013


It may not be a pleasant thing to talk about, and often it’s not a pleasant experience to go through, but it’s one of those essential things that we all have to do as part of our beauty regime. Yep, I’m talking about hair removal.

These days there’s loads of ways to get rid of those unwanted follicles, with varying levels of expense and pain. Here’s a few of the ways in which us women are getting silky smooth in 2013.



IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and is a process which uses a laser to remove hair. Believe it or not, I’m actually a fully qualified IPL specialist as I took the training when I was managing the hair and beauty salon!

Benefits: IPL is a very effective hair removal process, which actually blasts the hair follicle and inhibits regrowth. With a course of treatments (minimum 6) hair will be gone and should stay gone for some time.

Drawbacks: A course of 6 treatments can set you back as much as £600, although if you look around on the daily deal sites (groupon, living social etc) you will normally find a deal going for a course of 6 for around £99. Be careful you are booking into a salon of a decent size though, otherwise you may struggle to get an appointment.

Does It Hurt? It feels like someone flicking you with their finger, so not really… unless you have a very low pain threshold!

Can I do it at home? There are a number of good quality IPL machines available for home use, such as the Phillips Lumea Precision (pictured above), available on amazon for £349.99.



Benefits: Waxing is a great way to get silky smooth, relatively cheap (about 20-30 minutes for a bikini wax) and is also a quick in salon process.

Drawbacks: Ouch!!!! No point lying about it, it does sting – particularly in *ahem* intimate areas.

Can I do it at home? You can buy cold wax strips for using at home, such as these ones from Beauty Formulas (above) – £4.95 for a pack of 36 and enriched with Aloe Vera for soothing those sore legs!



Did you know that shaving legs first became popular during the second world war as stockings were in short supply?

Benefits: Take your time and you will get a smooth finish, which is cheap to maintain.

Drawbacks: Hair grows back quickly, so requires regular maintenance and if you are using a razor you have to be careful not to nick yourself… particularly in sensitive areas!



Electric Tweezers/Radio Waves

Not tried this myself, but it’s another method which is becoming popular so thought I would mention it. The principal is that you use the tweezers to direct radio waves into the hair follicle, which kills it and then pull out the hair. Sounds good and should mean that you won’t require regular maintenance, but one drawback I’ve heard is that it takes quite a while as you are going hair by hair and each one takes around 30 seconds.

The Bare & Beautiful Hair Removal System is available for £19.95 here.


Tip: You might want to invest in an Aloe Vera Gel, such as this one (£3.50) to help soothe the area after any of the methods above, which will also prevent those unsightly bumps, which can be a particular problem with shaving.


So, that’s some of the most popular methods of getting rid of hair at the moment. Have to be honest and say I’m still a shaver – my budget won’t stretch to IPL and my pain threshold won’t allow me to enter the waxing room!