Top 5 camo jacket looks from fashion bloggers


Following on from Friday’s Top 5 Camouflage and Khaki jackets I thought it would be fun to look around the web for camo jacket looks worn by other fashion and beauty bloggers. I love camo jackets and they are so in just now, so I had a great time seaching and found some amazing new blogs, pics and posts, but here’s my top 5.

1. Camouflage meets crochet

I simply adore this outfit worn by Anna at La Pulcinella (left), which features zara’s camo jacket and a lovely crochet playsuit from Space Italia. Check out the original post and 23 more stunning pics here.

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vintage german army camo jacket

2. Vintage camo style

The beautiful Louisa from Paisley and Pearl wears a genuine vintage german army jacket from ebay (love the flag!), her own dip dyed shorts and a simple black top from primark for this effortlessly chic look. See 5 more photos on the original post here

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new look camo jacket with black dress

3. Camo jacket and lbd

Another fab look, this time from Nika at fashion agony. I love the contrast of the camo jacket (New Look) and black dress from Love and the platform shoes top the whole outfit off. Loving the scottie dog belt too! Check out Nika’s original post for a more detailed look at the dress and 7 more stunning pics.

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camo jacket with crochet dress

4. Camo in the sun

Next up, it’s that camo jacket from Zara again (can you tell I’m obsessed with it!), this time worn by Tesa from Magnifique. Like Anna, Tesa has gone for white crochet with the jacket, this time in a lovely summery dress from Bershka. A beautiful look for Summer and I’m so jealous of that Slovenian sun! See all 5 pictures from this set on Tesa’s original post here.

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zara camo jacket with sparking studs

5. Sparkling camo

Last, but not least, is this beautiful look from La Petite Olga. It’s another camo jacket from Zara (sorry!) with beautiful sparkling studs on the pockets. Olga contrasts the busy camouflage jacket with clean, light shades in her jeans and top to make this fantastic look for Autumn 2012. Check out the original post and 4 more great photos here.

So, that’s my top 5 camo jacket looks from fashion bloggers. Stunning, don’t you think! Please leave a comment below and remember to click through to the featured blogs to see the original posts and more great content.

If you’ve taken pics of your own camo jacket look for your blog then please feel free to post your link below and I’ll be sure to check them out