Top 5 Camouflage and Khaki jackets

fearne cotton army jacketThe big movie premier last week was The Expendables 2, but it’s not just ageing action heroes that are sporting army jackets this summer.

Khaki and camouflage jackets are a hot trend at the moment and a fashion favourite of celebs such as Rhianna, Rita Ora and mum to be Fearne Cotton (Big congratulations to Fearne and Jesse by the way!).

Far from blending into the background, khaki and camouflage is sure to make you stand out on the high street. Here’s my top 5 Kkahi and Camouflage jackets, all available for under £80 from high street retailers.

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zipped camouflage jacket

1. Zipped camouflage jacket

First up is this zipped camouflage jacket, very similar to the one worn by Fearne Cotton.

You can wear it like Fearne did with a hippy vibe (complete with Bob Marley t-shirt!), or dress it up like the image on the left. I love the contrast of the two styles!

Just don’t go walking in the woods, or no one will ever find you again!

Available for £69.99 at Zara

Next: Camo fur lined jacket…

camouflage jacket with fur lining

2. Camo fur lined jacket

I love the retro fur lined collar on this camo jacket from TopShop. This one features buttons at the front instead of a zip with big pockets for storing all your bits and bobs.

Summer is nearly over, so the fur lining will keep you nice and cosy and looking hot this winter.

Available for £75.00 at TopShop

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khaki sleeve army jacket

3. Khaki pu sleeve army jacket

Moving away from camouflage, this plain green khaki jacket has black sleeves, a figure hugging drawstring hem and front pockets.

It’s pretty short at the back, but don’t worry, it sits just low enough to keep all the important things covered!

Available for £55.00 at River Island

Next: Noemie Khaki Army Jacket…

noemi khaki army jacket

4. Noemie Khaki Army Jacket

Staying on Khaki, I love this jacket from misguided, which looks slightly less like you are an extra from Full Metal Jacket, but retains the military theme.

This heavy duty Khaki jacket was recently worn by Caroline Flack and is amazing value at just £29.99.

Available for £29.99 from misguided.

Next: Khaki With Detachable Fur Trim…

 Khaki Army Jacket With Detachable Fur Trim

5. Khaki Army Jacket With Detachable Fur Trim

Last, but not least is this cotton Khaki jacket which features a detachable fur trim, extra long sleeves and zip pockets on the chest.

Again, looks great when you dress it up and I like the look on the left, which combines the jacket with dark hot pants. If only I had the legs…

Available for £58.00 from ASOS.

So, that’s my top 5 Camouflage and Khaki jackets. What’s your favourite? Are you fan of this trend? I’d love to know, so please leave a comment below!

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  • Love the camo print trend! Sadly I have only a skirt in camp, and I don’t think I can buy another jacket, even a cute camp print one. But we’ll see. It’s early in the season after all.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

    • Sally

      Yeah, it’s an amazing look. I was in Zara today and was so tempted to splash out, but decided eating was more important this week!

  • I love camo, I used to have a some great camo trousers but they went to great fashion bin the sky a few years ago as I wore them out!

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  • Georgina

    Hi I love the jacket and am about to order one are thay going to be a hit this winter to ?

    • Sally

      Definitely. I just got my zara one about two weeks ago and it’s now attached to my skin!