Top 5 haircuts Miley Cyrus should have went for

miley cyrus new haircutWe’ve all seen the infamous photo (left) tweeted by Miley Cyrus last week showing her new mega short haircut and bleached blonde hair. I was in the minority on twitter that actually thought she pulled it off, but since the vast consensus was she looked like Draco Malfoy I thought it would be fun to look at how Miley would have looked in that photo with some alternative styles… some a bit more radical that others!To create the styles I used the fabulous Makeover Assistant on sofemimine – check it out, it’s fun :-)

Here’s my top 5 hairstyles that Miley Cyrus should have went for last week.

Next: Classic Bob…

Miley Cyrus with bob

1. Miley Cyrus with classic bob

can’t really go wrong with this one!

A halfway house between short and long, the bob is always in fashion and really suits Miley’s face shape and pixie like features. I’ve toned down her screaming blonde to a more classy light brown with highlights for this look.

Next: Short but long…

Miley Cyrus with paris hilton's hairstyle

2. Short but long

a la Paris Hilton

This was one of the celebrity looks on the Makeover Assistant. I tried a bunch of them out, but thought Miley really suited Paris Hiltons short hairstyle. It’s pretty short, but still enough length that it retains its femininity. The blonde is also more platinum than the garish yellow that Miley sported. Again, I think it suits her face shape.

Next: Big blunt fringe…

Miley Cyrus with blunt fringe

3. bit too Darth Vader?

turn your dry hair into silk

Big blunt fringes are really in at the moment (don’t think it suits Edith Bowman btw) so I thought I would see if it would suit Miley Cyrus. I went for an ash blonde this time, which I think suits her, but not so sure this would be the right cut for her… a bit too Darth Vader for my liking!

Next: Retro updo…

Miley cyrus with retro updo

4. Retro updo

she’s a hippy chick

Again, retro updos are big just now (sometimes literally!) and I must say I really like this one. This is probably the closest in colour to what she actually went for and when put up like this I think it looks pretty cool. Miley wouldn’t look out of place at a music festival with this classic retro updo.

Next: A surprise in store…

Miley Cyrus with Beyonce's afro!

5. Miley Cyrus with Beyonce’s afro


Sorry, I saw this and just couldn’t resist! Some might say it was an improvement in her current hairstyle mind you!

So what do you think, poor old Miley has taken a hell of a slating, but do any of these styles suit her? What’s your favourite?

For the record Miley, I think you are beautiful whatever style you wear and credit to you for having the guts to go for it!

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  • darya

    thanks .this picture is good.i afraid to haur cut

  • I think her hair looks great! I’m guessing now she’ll experiment with lots of different crazy colours which she should. I’m sure she cut it all off to say hey I’m an adult now I can do what I want!

    Much better than the identikit hollywood look – I have more respect for her now!