What Is The True Cost Of Being Beautiful?

20/05: Pound Sterling
What Is The True Cost Of Beauty? (Photo credit: Chiew Pang)

Like most girls of a certain age (i.e. the wrong side of 30!) I spend a lot on my beauty regime. I don’t know if it’s more than average, and I would imagine most girls are like me and try not think about how their beauty spend affects their bank accounts, but today (in the interests of science!) I’m going to make an attempt to tot it all up.

The results are a little bit scary to say the least!

Hair Appointments

I get my hair cut and coloured once every 6 weeks or so. I’m lucky in that I get a good price from my stylist as I used to work with her when I managed the hair salon, so this might be a little less than others would pay.

I don’t get anything fancy, just an allover colour or some highlights (although I do change colours a lot – I’m back blonde again!) and I pay around £60 on average for each hair appointment. So let’s say that works out at £45 per month.

Skin Care

I use dermalogica for my skin care, specifically:-

  • Daily Microfoliant
  • Ultracalming Cleanser
  • Precleanse

The price varies a little depending on whether there is a discount on the go (I order from lookfantastic), but I am lucky if I ever see any change from £100.

I need to re-order around every 4 months, so I’ll put the monthly cost for my skincare down at £25.

In fact, let’s put it down as £30 to factor in wipes, pads, cotton buds etc.

Running Total: £75 per month

Hair Care

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you shouldn’t scrimp on your shampoo and conditioner! I’m currently using Redken Extreme, which costs around £25 for the shampoo and conditioner.

I would say a bottle lasts me around 2 months, so for shampoo and conditioner the monthly cost would be around £12.50.

I also use a deep cleansing mask, which costs around £25 and I need to renew every 3 months or so, so that adds about £8 to the total.

I’m not overly precious about hairsprays etc and generally just go for supermarket brands, so I’ll add another £10 for other hair care products/kirbies, bobbles etc.

Running Total: £105.50

Make Up

I just added up the contents of my make up bag and it is scary! It’s difficult to put an exact cost on this as things run out at different times, but as the value of my make up is over £100 I’m going to say the cost must be a good £25 a month.

If you’re wondering, I jump between different brands, but am a big fan of MAC.

Running Total: £130.50


I get shellac on my nails every 6 weeks or so at a cost of £25. Adding in nail polishes etc we’ll call this another £15 a month.

Running Total: £145.50

Everything Else

When I factor in everything else (razors, replacing straighteners, hairdryers etc) I would say there would be easily another £20 of monthly cost in there, so I think we are looking at a final total of somewhere in the region of £165 a month for my beauty regime.

That doesn’t include going for any extra salon treatments (facials etc), which I do indulge myself in from time to time, so the real total might be closer to £200!

Grand Total: £165 – £200 per month or £2,000 to £2,500 per year

That’s an awful lot of money and I kind of wish I hadn’t started this exercise now… no wonder my bank account is always overdrawn!

Do you think this is a lot? How much do you spend on your beauty regime each month?