Who wears short shorts?


chinosMen really do have it harder than women when it comes to clothing options. I mean, what choice do they actually have when it comes to what they can wear? Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, suits, trousers, shirts, jackets, jumpers and blazers; that’s pretty much it! The choice of clothing for women is endless… though I suppose they do say that choice is the heart of tragedy! This does partially explain one of the reasons why it takes women so long to get ready, leaving the men to suffer the tragedy of waiting…

For the first time in years we’ve actually had a decent Summer, it’s been so nice to be able to sit out the back in the sun with my laptop, although today appears to have returned to the rainy status quo. But just in case the sun decides to come back, or if you have a holiday coming up, then what exactly are the options to wear if you are a guy and the temperature exceeds coat wearing weather?

Men are exceptionally hard done by when it come to forms of acceptable summer attire, the choice of what is deemed “acceptable” is beyond limited. It is very well documented and widely known that Speedos are considered the devil of swimwear for a man to even contemplate! Known as budgie smugglers to women, it is blatant why they should be avoided…

You do get the odd supermodel every now and again donning a pair for an underwear or swimwear advertisement or something, but take the model out of the ad and put them on a beach with a hoard of judgemental women and guaranteed, the majority will still think they are hideously unsexy.  Even the supermodels are greatly unlikely to sport a pair without the compensations of their wage; don’t do it guys, just no.

In fact, any shorts that are much higher than mid-thigh and left to expose a great deal of fleshy, hairy upper-leg are absolutely despised by the lady-folk. If you’ve seen that episode of Friends when Phoebe is dating an athletic guy who wears very short shorts and exposes himself frequently with the way he sits and ties his laces… Dumped! No-one wants to watch that over coffee.

It’s a minefield of dangerous play over the summer months. One of the things you can count on is the stylish and safe summer staple, great looking chino shorts. They are smart and casual, short but not too short, tailored, and adaptable to bear bare chests or whatever your upper torso necessity!

George at ASDA has a great selection of colours and patterns to suit your style and taste. As they are all at a safe and sexy length, you don’t have to worry about indecent exposure, offending any potential gazes you may desire or any faux pas. As long as you’re wearing chinos – then you’re sorted for summer!