Winter Fashion: Hunter Wellies


I live in Glasgow, but was lucky enough to spend a few days over Christmas down in the Scottish borders. It’s a beautiful part of the world and it was great to unwind with a long walk through the countryside, particularly after wolfing down my second helping of trifle after Christmas dinner!

Well, as the TV is so fond of telling us, it’s been a very wet year and needless to say the fields were particularly muddy. But that’s no excuse for not looking fashionable… so it was time to stick on my winter favourites, my red Hunter Wellies!

Hunter Wellies are a splishy splashy fashion favourite of countless celebs, including Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltro, Leona Lewis and one of my all time heroes, Sarah Jessica Parker. Check out this gallery of celebs wearing Hunters on pinterest… it’s endless!

Why Do I Love Them?

Well, apart from emulating SJP, Hunter Wellies are so retro and uncool looking that they are cool… if that makes sense! They’re also mega comfy and obviously keep your feet toasty and dry no matter how muddy it gets.

As I mentioned above, my Hunters are red, but they come in all sorts of colours including blue, purple green, black and even pink for the mega girly girls!

They’re great for wearing on winter walks in the country, but are of course an essential item for Summer festivals, which invariably turn into a mud bath. You can tuck your jeans into them no probs and they will keep everything nice and dry.

They’re not the cheapest wellies in the world (normally between £60 and £100), but you’ll pretty much buy one pair and they will last you forever.

You can buy Hunter Wellies online from Amazon with free delivery.